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Healthcare Facilities

It is absolutely necessary to have healthcare facilities disinfected on a regular basis so that all patients remain safe and healthy!


The Waiting Room Chair

The armrests on the chairs and couches at your doctor’s office are likely rife with germs. Considering that other patients may have highly contagious diseases, such as conjunctivitis or the flu, a simple precaution will help. After sitting, “Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before putting your hands to your mouth, nose or eyes,” says Wahrman. “Be germ aware.”

Toys in a Pediatrician's Office

It’s tough to keep kids away from the germ-covered Legos, but some pediatricians have found a solution: Segregated toys. “The sick kids play with one set of toys and the healthy kids with another,” says Wahrman. “The sick kids get each other’s germs, but at least the healthy kids stay healthy.”

If you’re concerned, it can’t hurt to ask the front desk how often they clean their toys and what they use to wipe them down — or simply reach for the sanitizer after playtime.

Bottom Line

When it comes to any type of Healthcare facility that is where sick people are coming and GERMS are being left behind. In a matter of minutes we can come in and kill o kill 99.999% of Bacteria and eradicate C Diff Spores in 4 minutes!

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