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Residential Services

We have families just like many of you.  We do whatever we can to protect them.  CVG Specialized Cleaning takes disinfecting your home from viruses and germs to a whole different level. 


A Revolutionary Way to Disinfect Your Home

We bring a lot of nasty germs into our homes everyday!  Those germs can cause deadly viruses.

This is where we can help, a visit from us can significantly cut down and kill all those nasty germs in those hard to reach places that you didn't even realize they were hiding. 

We use new technology that applies a less toxic, more potent disinfecting solution.  Protecting environments and people from harmful pathogens has never been easier or more affordable for us to offer to our residential customers.



The key role in protecting your home environment by forming a defensive barrier against disease-causing invaders, making everything safer, cleaner, and healthier.


"We already have a cleaning service."

That’s great! Our technicians come in after your cleaning service, applying our spray technology to kitchen cabinets, countertops, tables, toys, light switches, door knobs, and any other surface that has a high risk of contamination.


We recommend a spray treatment at least every two weeks during Flu season, and as needed to combat colds, bugs, and other illnesses and every 30 days throughout the year.


"But this spray says it kills 99.9999% of germs?"

Germs replicate at an extremely fast rate. There are two problems with killing only 99% of germs: First, bacteria replicate very quickly. The 1% of bad bacteria left on your surface has replicated a million times over by the next day. Second, when you use these products, you kill both the good and the bad bacteria, causing an imbalance in the surface environment. Without the good bacteria, bad bacteria can turn into superbugs, like E.coli, Staph, and MRSA

So the best way is to stay on top and keep your home disinfected!

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