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We Are the New Standard for Preventing Infection



  • Every year, close to 100k people die from Hospital Acquired Infections

  • Workplace illness costs $200+ billion/year in lost productivity

  • Foodborne Salmonella, e Coli and Listeria outbreaks happen every week and results in costly recalls

  • Cruise lines continue to face damaging outbreaks of Norovirus

  • One norovirus outbreak cost a major university $30,000 per day / $400,000 a week

Serious threats to public health and our nation’s economy.

Even though we have come very far with technology and modern medicine very little has changed in the infection control industry over the years. Many places still use buckets , wipes , mops and  rags, as a cleaning source in their  facilities today, despite the fact that they leave up to 75% of room surfaces untouched. With worker error and Inconsistent application, and time constraints put on employees this further complicates the challenge of keeping facilities clean and sanitary and therefore these challenges increasing the threats of viurus's being passed increases everyday . 


Ours is a broad spectrum, solid tablet form of Sodium Triclosene, NaDCC, which dissolves readily in water to become a powerful hypochlorous acid (HOCL) that is versatile enough, depending on concentration, to use as a food surface sanitizer and a hospital grade disinfectant. If you aren’t aware of the many benefits of HOCL, it’s time you were. This multi-tasking, EPA registered sanitizer/disinfectant, when coupled with green cleaning formulations and the right application technology, literally SOLVES the time constraints and process problems of daily cleaning and sanitizing / disinfection.

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